Manufactured Home Only Purchase (Chattel)

   1977 and up
    Single, Double, and Triplewide

   Purchase from Dealer in most states
   20% down if not Primary Residence
    At least 5% down (10% in most cases)

   Minimum 600 Credit Score
    At least 2 years from discharge of BK


 At, you have access to a wide variety of specialty lenders offering programs for every possible situation as well as conforming lenders with the best rates. Mortgage companies may disqualify you for buying a manufactured home, but at, that's all we do! See for yourself how easy it is. Qualify yourself online now!
Qualify Yourself Online
What is the year of the home you are purchasing?
What size is the home you are purchasing?
What state will the property be in?
What will your residency status be?
What kind of down payment will you put down?
What is your current credit score?
How many years since you've discharged a BK?
This pre-qualification engine is used to match your information up with our available programs. In no way does this pre-qualification guarantee an approval. Many other factors must be considered and a full application must be submitted for lender consideration.

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